Friday, February 11, 2011

The five deadliest marketing mistakes - Deadly Mistake # 2

One my wisest and favorite teachers would preach, "There is really no such thing as a personal weakness -- just over-done strengths!"

Deadly Mistake Number 2: Creating a plan around your ego

Think about it. It's nice to be out-going, but over-done, it becomes over-bearing. Tenacious becomes stubborn. Laid-back becomes lazy. Most business owners have to be self-assured to found and run a company. But over-done, that means arrogance. That can be annoying, but when it impacts a marketing strategy, it can be a disaster. Every successful marketer knows how to be successful, you have to push aside your personal agenda and serve the customer.

So, painful mistake number two is thinking your business is all about you.

Marketing isn't about who you think you are and what you think customers need.
Marketing is about who your customers think you are and what they think they need.

Please write that one down. There will probably come a time in the life of every business where you need to be reminded of this! Time and time again, I hear clients tell me what they want to sell ... without really knowing what their customers NEED. And by the way, those needs are changing, probably dramatically in this economic environment. What are you doing about it?

You deserve a lot of credit for what you've accomplished in your business. I give you permission to celebrate within your own home. But at work, be humble and put your customers FIRST! Listen, respond. Learn and grow. Most of all, beware of your over-done strengths!

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